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In the fall of 2015, I was invited to speak at Juniata College on the topic of my TEDx talk. In my talk, I explain how to die peacefully. During my explication of the method, I usually mention that it’s very important to love the Bully in your soul. For many members of my audiences, […]

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The title of this blog exemplifies what I call a “pickle.” It’s a conundrum. If someone you love has no idea how important they are to you and you have no idea how to explain it to them, you’ve got a mess. A few weeks ago I sent the message that you want to talk […]

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  • I agree that talking to yourself is so important to do. For many years I ran to my friends, and family (particularly my father) when I felt depressed, and when I couldn’t get a hold of them I often contemplated killing myself. Now, I realize that during those traumatic times, when I felt hopeless, I never took the time to analyze how I actually felt. I just wanted those feelings to go away. I thought that if I couldn’t release those feelings some how or some way, then I would not be able to function. For the most part that was true. I wasn’t able to function because I didn’t have a healthy way to release my emotions. I thought dumping all my emotions on my friends and family was they solution to my problems. Ironically, what saved me from myself was myself. I began to practice meditation, and that allowed me to actually to think, analyze, and determine if my thoughts were helpful, or harmful. I’m not a meditation guru, but when I feel stressed, depressed, or have anxiety I turn on my meditation app on my phone, then I take a seat on the floor or a chair, I close my eyes, then I listen and talk to myself silently. Doing this has helped me tremendously!

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