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If You ONLY Study, You Won’t Pass

She passed!!! My student, “Diane”, passed her comprehensive exams and now she’s on her way to the next step of her dissertation writing process. YES! It felt so good to celebrate with her. Being there from the beginning made all the difference.


I know how it feels to bump up against a big test. The preparation, the perseverance, the power struggle, the practice . . . it all means so much. There’s a lot riding on those exams. The tipping point the test provides is palpable. It’s an experience that so clearly and quickly changes the game.


We want those tipping point moments (the ones provided by the big, meaningful, powerful tests) because they often springboard us onto a new path, into a new life, out to a new realm of reality.


As a result, those moments cost something. They’re not free. They cost time, money, temperance, tenacity, sacrifice, energy, comfort, . . . and more.


It’s like going to the gym.


Every minute in the gym promotes your potential for success. If you’re in the middle of a test or trial in life or love, you are in the gym right now.


That means, if you’ve read the books, attended the webinars, taken part in the teleseminars, digested the blogs, posted to the Supreme Love Project Closed Facebook Group . . . keep going. All of this equals a lot of STUDYING. It’s a good investment. That effort will help you to get your potential down pat.


It just won’t heal you.


Studying for the tests of life and love WON’T heal you.


Studying will position you for success. It will align you for a launch.


Yet, all this external efforting to gather knowledge and pass it around won’t heal you.




Because knowledge is not power. Knowledge is potential.


ACTION is power.


As a result, if you ONLY study, you WON’T pass.


Remember this wisdom.


It’ll save your life.


This truth will help you when you have to STOP studying and TAKE the test. Life and love are full of them and they’ll keep coming. There’s no stopping the tests (because the point of being here is to grow and expand . . . so testing to move beyond starting places and purgatories is necessary).


Gotta pass the test though.


You can’t only study.


You gotta show up and pass the test.


You MUST pass the test because you WON’T fulfill yourself without the degree.


Without the degree . . .


You won’t manifest your desire.

You won’t stop being walked on.

You won’t stop being pissed off.

You won’t stop the panic attacks.

You won’t start building your boundaries back.

You won’t know how to heal your guilt and shame.

You won’t re-construct your voice.

You won’t figure out ways to communicate on your own.


Not because you can’t (you CAN…you absolutely can).


You won’t because you refuse (to come out of the gym and get into the ring . . . to fight the fight you’ve been preparing for your entire life . . . the fight for YOU . . . the fight for your voice . . . the fight for your rights . . . the fight for your identity . . . the fight for your dignity . . . the fight for a supreme life, doing supreme love . . . and WIN).


Or, maybe you don’t. Maybe you don’t refuse. Maybe you’re one of the people who’s available and ready to come out of the gym and get into the ring.


If you are, we’ll find each other very, very soon. We’ll connect like magnets. I’m counting the days.


Until then, tell me more about you. Click here to share with me Your #1 Problem. I read all the responses and I want to take your story into consideration, as we build this movement, and generate solutions to help you heal the t/Terrors in your soul + soma, and launch a revolution in your life.




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Jeanine Staples is Associate Professor of Literacy and Language, African American Studies, & Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at the Pennsylvania State University. Her book, The Revelations of Asher: Toward Supreme Love in Self, is an endarkened, feminist, new literacies event (Peter Lang, 2016). In it, she explores Black women’s t/Terror in love. She produces research-based courses and methodologies that enable marginalized girls and women to realize internal revelations that fuel external revolutions.

Dr. Staples’ next book details the evolution of her acclaimed undergraduate course, The Philadelphia Urban Seminar. In it, she explores Supreme Love in schools. She shows how she generates curriculum and methodologies that incite anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-ableist pedagogical stances among teachers interested in urban education and equity for all people in schools and society.


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