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It Wasn’t A Waste Of Time If You Learned Something


As we end another week, I want to share another sentiment that I feel strongly about.

Very strongly.

It’s a message I hope you’ll hear loud and clear. It’s a message I hope you’ll accept sincerely.
It’s a message I hope turns you around if you’re beating yourself up right now.

Here it is:

It wasn’t a waste of time if you learned something.

It =

That relationship in which you abused and were abused (and started to question your worth, value, and common sense)
That date on which you were treated badly (and figured it was because you have terrible luck in love and are basically not dateable)
That job in which you felt aimless and frustrated (so, decided to spend hours recounting every single “bad” decision you’ve made in school and career)
That conversation that was so uncomfortable and went downhill fast (and you felt like the biggest loser on the planet)
That argument you think you lost (and stewed over for weeks)
That trip that was a disaster (and seemed like a waste of time, energy, and money)
That day you were 100% disorganized and made a ton of mistakes
That night you spent sleepless contemplating your life (and everything that’s “wrong” with it)

It wasn’t a waste of time if you learned something.

If you feel stumped, really clueless about what your lesson is, here’s a path to figuring it out:

Think of anytime you think you “wasted” your time. Think of that relationship, that date, that job, that conversation, that trip, that day, that night.

Remember EXACTLY how you FELT in a single moment you can identify:

  • When you waited up for him to come home and he didn’t
  • When you found the receipts for the gifts purchased for someone else
  • When you were asked out, then manipulated into paying for the meal
  • When you were overlooked for another raise or promotion
  • When you stumbled and fumbled and couldn’t find the words to say during that big,
    consequential talk, or that little, seemingly inconsequential chat
  • When you were on the beach by yourself because the people you were with didn’t want to
    hang out with you
  • When you lost that whole morning to sleep and tears and hours of backtracking over what
    you did wrong and how you screwed it up
  • When you stayed awake half the night fantasizing about what you would have done or should have said or could have known

How did you FEEL in one of these moments?

Belly tied in knots = scared
Shoulders arched and clenched = angry
Body heavy and wilting = sad
Hands shaking and eyes darting = nervous

Remember the sensations. The knots in your belly. The tension in your neck. The clenching in your jaw. The ache in your head. The throbbing in your back. The stiffness in your legs.

Get back in touch with how you felt emotionally and how your body showed you physically.

That thing you feel? That sensation? That’s a sign from your fragmented self. That’s a fragmented self speaking. Loudly. With a particular voice. Telling a particular story. Making a particular memory to build into your body.

Whatever that story was:

  • I’m not enough.
  • I can’t do anything right.
  • I’m so stupid.
  • No one wants to be with me.
  • I don’t deserve that recognition.
  • I’ll always be alone.
  • I made so many mistakes, I’ll never get over them.

Whatever that story was, it was creating energy that drew in a person and constructed an experience to generating “evidence” of its truth. The lesson is the red flag. The red flag was in you, coming from you, waving at You. Waiting for You to heal you. Waiting for You to save you. Waiting for You to see you.

It wasn’t a waste of time if you learned something.

None of this was a waste of time, if you learned something.

When You get the message you’re trying to give, You can access the power God gave You to heal you and clean up the toxicities plaguing Your insides. This inside cleaning relates to Your outside cleaning. That’s how it works.

Learning the voices and stories of your fragmented selves is a worthwhile endeavor. Learning the lessons they’re teaching so You can determine their truth and correct them in Divine Wisdom is Supreme Love.

The lessons are still available. You can redeem the time.

It’s not too late. There was no waste.

You’re able turn it around in a second and stand on weeks, months, even years of latent learning so that NO TIME is wasted.

Yes, I’m sure.

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