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Play Nice

As we head into the weekend, there are some things I want you to remember. Here’s a short list.

1. Be kind to you.
2. Be honest with you.
3. Be consistent with you.


When you make caring for the smallest parts of Your Whole Self (the most wounded, vulnerable, misdirected, misinformed, angry, manipulative, testy, tense, anxious, touchy, violent, weepy, frightened, and intensely powerful fragmented parts of you) the goal is to grow up and in.


That means maturing and integrating.


This is about helping the little parts of you that want to talk to You to learn The Truth (that You are the same as Your Highest Hope….filled with love, faith, peace, joy, compassion, generosity, gentleness, longsuffering,  strength, wisdom, vast vision, resources, grace, and courage).


It’s about helping you grow up into You with benevolence, patience, and compassion. As this maturing happens – the fragmented parts of you learn who You are and that y/You are One…that You accept you 100%, without need for revision at all…you learn that You can be trusted, are reliable, and ever present, no matter what.


With that trust, integration happens.


You get to grow up and down, and out, and in, all over so that you become You.


And Your thoughts, emotions, words, and deeds evolve to match and embody the original source of your Creator, Your Highest Consciousness.


Such that your insides change (the place of Your soul), and your outsides change (the place of Your flesh/body…your soma) through your awakening as spirit. This is what it means to heal the t/Terrors in your soul and soma and launch a revolution in your life.

—> All this is about the HONESTY AND CONSISTENCY with the actions in the numbered  list above.<—


As you talk to You, remember to treat yourself with great care and respect.


—-> This is about the KINDNESS AND PERSISTENCE with the actions in the numbered  list above.<—



This is about playing nice.


Here’s how you do it:


♡ Eat well.
♡ Sleep well.
Play a little.
♡ Stay safe.
Sit still.
♡ Say thanks (to you, as You) A LOT….for every little thing.



This can happen. You just need support. Click here to tell me Your #1 Problem…the thing that inhibits your ability to play nice with you….so I can learn what you’re going through and create supports to serve you.

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