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The Supreme Love Podcast Episode #1: Intimacy and Co-dependency with Lisa Romano

Lisa Romano
Certified Life Coach, Mentor, and Bestselling Author


Lisa A. Romano is a Life Coach, Mentor and Bestselling Author, who has dedicated her life to helping others awaken to their authentic self. Her coaching practice is founded upon the idea that all dysfunctional relationships with Self, and or with others, are the result of childhood brainwashing. She believes that the greatest wounds of man are created before he has learned to walk. Her approach allows clients to observe their childhood programs from a heightened state of awareness, which allows for a sense of detachment from the emotional experience that ultimately sets the stage for healing, and reprogramming.

Her personal experiences with depression, panic disorder, divorce, and an adult child of alcoholic issues enhance her ability to connect with clients on a visceral level. Romano is a sought after Life Coach who has an uncanny ability to simplify tremendously complicated emotional dilemmas. Clients report that her unique way of connecting the dots is what allows them to finally experience the breakthroughs in their lives they have been seeking. Her clients include physicians, lawyers, CEOs, world-class athletes, actors, musicians, producers, therapists, and psychologists.

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Enjoy the show!


Show Notes:

[3:04] Do you know what makes you happy? Just you. Not anyone else.

[4:28] Do you understand the role your family of origin plays in your current programming as an adult?

[16:00] Do you get what happens when you feel like you’re not good enough for love, attention, affection, and affirmation? Do you know what happens when you believe in “not good enough”? Do you know how to feel adequate, valid, and visible…worthy of love, attention, affection, and affirmation?

[38:40] Do you know what co-dependency means? Find out if YOU are codependent.

[44:43] Do you know what intimacy really is? If you’re trying to be “good enough” you aren’t being intimate. Empower yourself.


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