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The Supreme Love Podcast Episode #10: What It Means To Know Your Essential Nature with Amber Hartnell

Amber Hartnell
Mystic Muse and Evolutionary Catalyst


Amber Hartnell is an intrepid pioneer of Love, mystic muse and evolutionary catalyst who rides the unfurling crest of personal and collective evolution. Having cultivated her inborn gifts through intense Life experiences, she offers clear pathways to transform challenging experiences into empowering ones that fuel growth. Amber’s depth of presence generates a palpably coherent field of all-embracing Love and effortless grace that irresistibly invites those she comes in contact with to experience their Essential nature. She lives and breathes in service to revealing the Wholeness and Beauty at the heart of all she touches, for the benefit of all Life~ truly as an embodied example of just how ecstatic evolution can Be when we live from Essence!

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Enjoy the show!


Show Notes:

[03:35] Get clear on the “veneers” we put on ourselves, over time, and what they do to our souls.

[06:40] Listen to Jeanine and Amber talk about what it means to know your Essential Nature.

[12:40] Hear Amber’s story about the childhood wounds she healed as an adult so that she could use Essential Nature.

[29:00] Get clear on how you can live Life from here…as empowered spirits?

[33:00] Hear a 10-second method through which you can shift your energy. Immediately.

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