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The Supreme Love Podcast Episode #11:Becoming the Greatest Version of Yourself with Shawngela Pierce

Shawngela Pierce
Law of Attraction & Meditation Coach


Shawngela Pierce, is an author, meditation and law of attraction coach. She teaches her clients how to awaken their innate ability to heal their mind, body & spirit to become the greatest version of themselves. Shawngela, a former college instructor, has been actively studying and practicing the Law of Attraction and meditation for over 10-years. When she decided to teach what she had learned, she asked for assistance and eventually developed a connection with her inner guides, whom she affectionately calls “IAM”. “IAM” is now the guiding force of all her teachings.

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Enjoy the show!


Show Notes:

[04:50] Do you know your concept of the greatest version of you? If not, tune in to get help figuring it out.

[07:45] Do you know the primary ways you can become the greatest version of yourself? If not listen to this interview.

[12:40] Learn what to do if you’re emotionally dishonest and disconnected (from your feelings, your thoughts, your wants, your desires).

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