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Supreme Love is much, much, much deeper and infinitely higher. Supreme Love is the presence of God.


The Supreme Love Course is based on the Supreme Love Healing Methodology. In it, you will learn how to heal the t/Terrors in your soul and launch a revolution in your life.

How? By learning to conduct a healing process that creates new meaning in your soul and new memory in your soma. This is the only way to heal.

  • Talking about your abuse for the rest of your life won’t heal you.
  • Starting an exercise plan won’t heal you.
  • Getting a new wardrobe won’t heal you.
  • Changing your diet won’t heal you.
  • Dating new people won’t heal you.
  • Wearing different makeup won’t heal you.
  • Having sex with someone new won’t heal you.
  • Getting a new best friend won’t heal you.
  • Starting a new career won’t heal you.
  • Stopping communication with your mom (or sister, or father, or brother) won’t heal you.
  • Shutting down your heart won’t heal you.

Only Supreme Love can heal you.

Supreme Love Project™ courses are built from 6 co-dependency-curing intensives. Intensives are not sold separately, at this time. Each intensive targets the most stubborn, stifling, paralyzing, and complicated pain points developed as a result of relational and social t/Terrors, narcissistic abuse, and codependency. Enrollment in a Supreme Love Course™ can address a specific need related to these t/Terrors and get your revolution started.

If you want to heal the t/Terrors in your soul….if you want to build and birth another lover…your Supreme Lover identity….if you want a power-packed, paradigm-shifting, life-changing, game-stopping movement, take the WHOLE course. It is open for enrollment once a year, by invitation only. See the note below to apply.


Have Peace

Relational and social t/Terrors produce anxiety trips. Do you worry? Overanalyze? Freeze in the face of the future? Excessive stress + anxiety = detachment from stillness and presence. In this 30-day intensive, discover new, innovative ways to invoke calm into your daily life and reprogram your responses to life experiences from your place of power. The gift you get? A supreme practice. A collection of methods you can embody to have peace, right now, and for the rest of your life, no matter what's happening.

Learn Language

Relational and social t/Terrors produce shame spirals. Do you feel clueless, weak...ill-equipped for anything...inadequate for everything? Battles with guilt + shame = lack of compassion and wisdom. These battles are rooted in a very particular history and deeply negative language system. In this 30-day intensive, learn high impact, immediate ways to uproot that history (instead of just masking it) and revise that language (instead of just faking it). The gift you get? A supreme language. A new way of communicating, using language that opens you up, connects you to Truth, and creates pathways for intimacy with yourself, and with others, that you didn't know were possible.

Be Protected

Relational and social t/Terrors produce boundary breaches. Do you feel worthless, aimless, unlovable, unlikeable? Reeeally, deep honest. Chronic insecurity + uncertainty + discomfort = a lack of parameters and guidelines for life. In this 30-day intensive, discover how to establish boundaries that hold safe and sacred the truth of yourself and your life and keep out everything that contradicts this truth. The gift you get? A supreme boundary. A way of understanding what boundaries really are and how to do them effectively, in real time, so that the life and love of your dreams can come through you without delay and the people and places that t/Terrorize you can fall away, once and for all.

Manifest More

Relational and social t/Terrors produce a poverty mentality. Do you covet what others have, wish you could experience closeness, attention, gifts, time, and care? Jealousy + envy + want = a belief in lack and limitations. In this 30-day intensive, receive a way of releasing your preoccupation with poverty and embracing the truth of abundance. The gift you get? A supreme vision. A radical, limitless, way of believing and manifesting your deepest desires, right now. Today.

Release Rage

Relational and social t/Terrors produce repressed rage. Are you pissed off? Angry, raging, while you smile all day (or curse people out)? Even if it's waaay under wraps, are you upset about what you've suffered, what you didn't get, what is missing, what others did to you? Rage + violence = erasure and ignorance. In this 30-day intensive, learn how to make visible the deepest parts of your anger and animate the subtext that's been running and ruining your life. The gift you get? A supreme movement. A process for giving light and life to the part of you that is in stuck in deep shadow, rendered mute, causing curses to come through, so you can experience freedom from the aggressions that stalk and kill you.

Create Core

Relational and social t/Terrors produce approval addictions. Do you long for approval from others, seek affirmation in whatever you think, feel, say, or do? Approval addiction + affirmation seeking = voids in the center of the soul. In this 30-day intensive, participate in a system through which you can identify the truth of you so that your center is solid and whole. The gift you get? A supreme map. A complete, self-generated internal constitution, one that reveals who you really are so that you depend on no one else to tell you and rely on no one else to quell you.

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*At this time, Jeanine rarely accepts individual clients. Look at the entire course and invest in yourself to change your world right now, for the better.

If you feel like you NEED Jeanine to focus on you exclusively, contact  and request an application for private coaching. To get Jeanine all to yourself for an extended period of time requires a serious investment and has serious benefits. Apply today and we’ll get back to you within 7-10 business days of receipt of your inquiry to set up an appointment for the two of you to talk it over.